Top 10 best recommended Virtual Staging companies you should use in 2020

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In 2019 home staging statistic, 83% home buyers agreed that staging a home makes them easily to visualize the home and 25 % buyers’ agents stated that staged homes have 1 to 5 percent higher price than those were not staged. The statistic also shows that 28% sellers’ agents reported that they definitely would have their homes staged before getting them listed.

Due to the benefits and high demand of home staging, staging home has been become a very popular service in real estate market. Besides, hiring a professional home stager to stage your home, Virtual staging has been developed as a cheaper, faster, and easier method but still offered the same result.

In this article, we are going to show you top 10 best recommended Virtual Staging companies in 2020. Check it out and find the most suitable one for your business.

Virtual Staging Solution

Top 10 best recommended Virtual Staging companies you should use in 2020
Best Virtual Staging companies in 2020_ Virtual Staging Solution

Virtual Staging Solution is a big name in virtual staging market. Check out their website, you can see a simple but professional website with all the information you need to know about their services. Like other sites listed in this article, Virtual Staging Solution displays their virtually staged photos on their homepage for visitors to view. However, one minus point is that they only provide final photos instead of before and after photos. If you want to see before and after virtually staged photos, you need to get access to “Service” category.

Submit your photos, describe how you want it to be, choose style are all you need to do. Your virtually staged photos will be sent back in one or 2 business days. Virtual Staging Solution also offers two free revisions and “happiness guaranteed” which means you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with their product. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

Price: You can easily see the price on the website. They offer price packages as listed in the following images. The price seems higher than other service providers but it is worth trying.

Box Brownie

Top 10 best recommended Virtual Staging companies you should use in 2020
Box Brownie_best Virtual Staging company

Located in Australia, Box Brownie is founded by Brad Filliponi – a well-known photographer, and Mel Myers – a talented techman. They develop Box Brownie as an online hub for all real estate photo editing services. Besides Virtual Staging, they also offer Photo Enhancement, Item Removal, Day to Dusk, Floor Plan… which help to bring clients a full stack of services.

Box Brownie is known as a reputation name in Virtual Staging aspect. Their Virtual Staging service attracts clients by its affordable price and outstanding output. Their 24/7 customer service is another plus point which makes them become one of the top-notch Virtual Staging companies.

Price: $32 per photo

Beat Color

Top 10 best recommended Virtual Staging companies you should use in 2020

Originally established as a Real Estate Photo Editing company specializing in Real Estate Photo Editing, Beat Color developed itself to offer full real estate photo services and Virtual Staging is one of them. Focusing on clients’ interest, Beat Color tends to offer high quality in short turn around time (24 hours) and affordable price. Same process with other virtual staging services, you just need to upload your photos, describe your instruction and submit. Your photos will be sent back in next business day.

Price: $25 per photo – Cheap price with top-notch quality. They do not offer free trial, just free revision for the first task.

Virtual Stager

Top 10 best recommended Virtual Staging companies you should use in 2020
Virtual Stager_best Virtual Staging service

Virtual Stager chose a different direction to develop itself in Virtual Staging market. Understanding that the price is the common thing people consider when buying anything, Virtual Stager decided to be low-cost leader in Virtual Staging market with a wide range of price from $7 – 15$ per photo.

Besides that, Virtual Stager is also an DIY Virtual Staging Software which means you can style your home by yourself without using outside sources. You can easily stage your home by practising the 4 following steps:

  1. Click – Choose a photo and upload it to Virtual Stager
  2. Erase – Remove existing furniture
  3. Stage – Select photos, click, drag, and stage
  4. Flare – Save staged photos as JPEGS and share on the cloud as a flarelet.

If you want to stage your home on your own in affordable price, so this service is best match with you.

Price: You will need to buy credits to pay for each staged photo. A single photo costs $15. If you prepay $700, the cost drops to $6.99 per unit

Virtual Staging Lab

Top 10 best recommended Virtual Staging companies you should use in 2020
Virtual Staging Lab_best Virtual Staging company

Like Virtual Staging Solution, Virtual Staging Lab appears with user-friendly and beautiful interface. It shows people with before and after images on homepage, which makes it easier to view the quality of the services.

One outstanding point of Virtual Staging Lab is that it offers Free Consultant from professional home stager with years of experience. By using their service, your photos will be guaranteed to have perfect combination between furniture with the style of the home. 24/7 customer support is offered to give users better experience.

Price: $40 per vacant home and $60 for remodeling.


Top 10 best recommended Virtual Staging companies you should use in 2020
Padstyler_Virtual Staging company 2020

Having beautiful before and after photos on the homepage, PadStyle affirms its top-notch quality as well as slightly explain why Drew Scott from Property Brothers decided to use their service.

Like other Virtual Staging companies listed above, PadStyler also offers 2-day turnaround with 100% money-back guarantee and free revision for all customers.

Price: $59 per photo.

VRX Staging

Top 10 best recommended Virtual Staging companies you should use in 2020
VRX Staging_Virtual Staging service 2020

VRX Staging seems to attract their customers with faster turn around time which is really a matter with most real estate agents or photographers. “Next day business” delivery at cost-effective price, one free revision ($5 more for the next revision) and what more? If you want some one to take the photo for you, they can do it too (as long as you are located in United State).

For those who lack time, then VRX Staging is a good choice

Price: $35/photo

Spotless Agency

Top 10 best recommended Virtual Staging companies you should use in 2020
Spotless Agency_Best Virtual Staging companies 2020

Spotless Agency provides high-quality rendering, quick turnover process, various interior design options and professional-looking digital home staging outputs for users. Regarding to price, spotless Agency offers 3 packages such as: Light ($79/photo), Standard ($99/photo), and Professional ($199/photo). The turnaround time, number of revisions, and level of attention to detail are different from each package. However, all plans bring guaranteed premium image quality.

Real Tour Vision

Top 10 best recommended Virtual Staging companies you should use in 2020
Real tour vision _ Virtual Staging services

Real Tour Vision offers users with 2 options: Do-it-yourself and Full service. Do-it-yourself option offers you furniture removal tool which lets you stage your home freely creatively but in an affordable price. They also provide training video to support those who are not familiar with their tools. It is quite interesting and worth to try if you are a DIY believer.

In case you don’t want to put to much time on staging, full virtual staging service is available for you. The price is a bit higher than do-it-yourself option but the quality is not disappointed you

Price: Do-it-yourself option: $15/photo

Full Virtual Staging service: $35/photo

VHT Studios

Top 10 best recommended Virtual Staging companies you should use in 2020
VHT Studios_best virual staging services 2020

VHT studios is the last Virtual Staging companies listed in this article. However, it doesn’t mean its quality is the worst. Virtual Staging service from VHT Studios is commented as a professional and reliable services. Its price system is quite different. It varies according to zip code and image quality. Visit their website to learn more about their fees in your area by entering your zipcode.


After reading through top 10 best Virtual Staging Companies on the market, you probably have a clear look about which company you should contact with. Just contact them and start your first trial to see how magical Virtual Staging can bring to your real estate photos.