Top 5 Easy And Effective Real Estate Reels

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The popularity of vertical videos and the increase in mobile-phone time consumption make real estate reels more popular. Beyond the nature of entertainment, it frequently exposes your appearance and perfectly becomes a marketing tool to show your life and work. 

If you do not take advantage of real estate Instagram reels as social media content, it is time to catch it now. It comes in handy to broaden the market segments. If you feel confused about how to make creative content, this post is for you. 

What Are Real Estate Reels? 

Mimicking the Tik Tok phenomenon, “Real Estate Reels” or “Real Estate Instagram Reels” are 30-second vertical videos. Appearing in the Search Feed on Instagram, this trendy video style increases user flow navigation and adapts to the audience’s interest well. At the same time, it boosts organic impressions and reaches a wider audience beyond followers. 

Accordingly, the appearance of real estate reels has a great impact on personal brand awareness and capturing viewers’ attention. As a result, reels make the audience engage with your content. This extra promotion undoubtedly allows you to reach prospective customers closely.

Top 5 Easy And Effective Real Estate Reels Idea

Dance to trending audio, or lip sync is the most popular type of 30-second vertical video. Leaning on this trend is the best way to resonate with your audience while leveraging your marketing missions. If this creative content consumes your time, let’s try other easy yet effective ways. 

Other ideas, which we are going to present below are more excessive for creators while being targetable enough to the audience. Continue reading and diving into real estate reels content. 

#1. Take A Walk-Through Video Tour

Staying on top of the list is a walk-through video tour or a slideshow from static images, which becomes very familiar to any realtors and photographers. Due to that fact, creating a real estate reel about listing tours is effortless for anyone. 

The simplest way to produce this kind of reel is to record yourself walking through the rooms. It later requires some basic video editing techniques then applying trending music, faster transitions, and adding the text if necessary. 

More professionally, you can hire photographers to shoot the house and create short vertical videos for the Instagram reel. In our observation, we have many orders from videographers, who outsource both real estate video editing and Instagram reel. As aforementioned, the navigation of real estate reels increases viewers’ engagement and frequently exposes your appearance.

#2. Infotainment

Like real estate tik-tok, Instagram reels become one of the primary channels for realtors to share their knowledge about mortgages, interest rates, inventory, or staging ideas. 

To become professional in front of the camera, let’s pick topics you are most passionate about. Or else, it is the content your viewers are expecting. Similarly, you can do FAQ Reels to answer the most common questions. 

#3. Ready To Share

As the name suggests, being ready to share means that you capture the right moment you feel excited to share with followers. It could be captured at parks, local cafes, neighbourhoods or favourite places where you can show how enjoyable it is to live in your town.

More interestingly, you can show your life in the real estate business. You can share how you spend the weekend or plan your work in one day and favourite hobbies. Let’s try to make these sharing personal and authentic to get closer to your audience.

#4. Before And After

Before And After always amaze viewers with the incredible transformations. Home renovation or furniture rearrangement and furniture replacement are interesting video content, which highly attracts viewers’ attention.

#5. Behind The Scenes

This idea gives people a glance into your working life like listing photoshoots or home staging. Such ingredients are closely related to daily life while being practical in building trust and professionalism. 


We hope you find this post on Real Estate Reels informative and helpful. Although video highly requires creativeness, our sharing above is very close to daily life. Hope such ingredient content makes you more comfortable capturing interesting shots to share with your viewers. 

Thank you for reading.