Top 4 Amazing Ideas For Staging A Master Bedroom

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Staging a master bedroom plays an important role in selling a home. As the oasis of the house, the master bedroom attracts the prospective buyers’ attention so much.

Indeed, the master bedroom stays in the 2nd most important place, just behind the living room. It is not difficult to explain why the bedroom plays an important role in alluring the attention of buyers.

After family togetherness time, people spend time in their bedroom. An inviting master bedroom, which evokes a sense of relaxation, calmness, and a peaceful retreat, certainly makes the house price higher than a non-stylish one.

Now, let’s check out our amazing master bedroom staging ideas!

staging a-master-bedroom

Top 4 Amazing Ideas For Staging A Master Bedroom 

Besides traditional physical staging, real estate can use advanced graphic rendering technology. It has opened an easy yet effective staging, renovation, and remodeling solution. This cost-effectiveness method makes staging easier and faster.

No matter which option you choose: physical or virtual staging, our following experts’ tips are valuable for anyone who brings more love and life to their sanctuary.

Tip 1. Pay Special Care To The Bed

As the room’s focal point, the bed is worth your investment. The right bedding makes a huge difference. The fluffy bedspreads, comforters, duvets, and pillows add more elegance and comfort to your room.

The bed should fit with room size. Ideally, you could comfortably put a nightstand on either side of the bed. Not a decorative element, the nightstand serves a functional purpose in storage. It is a perfect storage place to put your items and make the house more organized.

Your room looks more luxurious and cozy with a nicely designed headboard. Like a nightstand, headboards not only finish off a bedroom design but can also be an accurate statement for the room.

In terms of color, let’s grab neutral color, which makes the room more airy and relaxable.


Tip 2. Go Neutral

Once setting up a room for a couple, the staging rule is to make it attractive to both women and men. Don’t make the room specifically designed for one of them. Also, let’s hide personal photos or any personal information/ stuff—your sole purpose is to capture home buyers to the house rather than your personality.

Tip 3. Staging Bedroom Furniture

Figuring out which furniture we could use to match the room layout is always the hardest part of staging the primary room. Whether staging a master bedroom for sale or home staging master bedroom, the following furniture is the most valuable tips you can lean on.


The master bedroom becomes more inviting and cozier with a dresser. Beyond the functionality of this unit, like providing extra spaces for storage, it gives you additional surfaces for decorations. More particularly, it perfectly complements the appearance of your room and reflects your personality.

At the same time, the different types of dressers like the horizontal dresser, vertical dresser, and combo dresser make them more versable and convenient for users. You can use it to store various item sizes.


If you are finding the decorated items to tie everything together and enhance the cohesiveness of room appearance, a bedroom rug is what you need. It perfectly sets the tone and your style. Navigating a bedroom rug is overwhelming as you search for placement, material, size, and texture.

The rug needs to match with other furniture. In terms of the placement and size, here are the essential guidelines:

Small bedroom

  • A 4ftx6ft or a 5ftx8ft area rug goes with the bottom two-thirds of the bed.
  • A 6ftx9ft area rug covers the bed, a nightstand, and a bench at the foot of the bed.
  • A 9ftx12ft area rug covers one nightstand in the center of the two twin-size beds and two benches at the foot of each bed.

Large bedroom

  • An 8ftx10ft or a 9ftx12ft area rug fits the bottom two-thirds of a queen-size or king-size bed without filling the area of the nightstands.
  • A 12ftx15ft rug spreads the whole area of the king-size bed and even fits under nightstands.

Another important note is that an area rug extends 18 inches to 24 inches from two sides and from the foot of a queen-size bed.



Like the rug, the nightstand is the finishing touch to pull the room together. Before diving into the myriad of styles and materials, please ensure that your bedroom has space for either side to fill one or two nightstands.

Additionally, let’s figure out the need for space & light you require with a nightstand. After defining your demand, it is easier for you to select the right nightstand style.

Tip 4. Light

Light is the final element, which is worth our high consideration in master bedroom staging. The lighting effect brings romance and relaxation.

Besides the natural light source, a wide range of artificial lights served as a light source and decoration. Various options are available such as bedside lamps, floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, and mood lighting, tall floor lamps. Utilizing them wisely brings coziness, modernity, and elegance to your house.



Staging a master bedroom is an exciting yet challenging task. You are going to dive into many styles with a wide range of decoration pieces of stuff. If you feel confused about how to stage the bedroom, let’s use virtual staging to illustrate your desired bedroom renovation before making the real alteration.