Top 10 best Lightroom Alternatives in 2020

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Being one of the top rated photo management apps, Lightroom is considered as an industry standard for all photographers. However, not all users prefer to use Lightroom as their first choice because:

  • Lightroom offers high price for all features
  • Lightroom may not meet user’s demand for some specific features
  • Lightroom’s workflow may be different from user’s requirements

This leads to the development of some Lightroom alternatives. If you are considering to choose an Adobe lightroom alternative, listed here are top 10 best Lightroom alternatives you can choose.

1. Luminar 3

Top 10 best Lightroom Alternatives in 2019
Luminar 3 _alternative lightroom

Lumiar 3 is an advanced standalone photo editing program version and an upgraded version of Luminar 2018. Lumiar 3 with full features as Lightroom is deserved to be one of the worthy opponents in Lightroom Alternatives list.

Like Lightroom, Luminar 3 offers all the features which photographers need to process the photos (Crop, Eraser, Clone and Stamp, Free Transform, etc.), but there are few features making Luminar 3 stand out from Lightroom

  • AI features: Accent AI Filter and AI Sky Enhancer are the 2 new AI features of Skylum. These AI features make editing process turn out simplier and easier. Just need to add your photos in and then it will automatically analyze the photo’s data and make the suitable changes such as sky and shadow
  • Sunrays: Sunrays filter is considered the best feature which makes Luminar 3 worth to try. This unique feature allows users to add the sun and its rays into the photo. Moreover, Sunray filter is able to detect the dark and highlight parts of the photos and then has adjustment accordingly.
  • Libraries: Luminar 3 is designed to look like Lightroom Catalog. Its sync feature works very well. For example, if you rename a folder on your hard drive, the app will immediately sync the change on both ends. All the photos are arranged by date, which lets you quickly to find your photos.

Not only does Luminar offer professional photo editing function, it also offers an easy-to-use and intuitive interface for users at affordable price.

Cost – $64.00
Platforms – Windows / MAC

2. ACDSEE PhotoStudio 2019

Top 10 best Lightroom Alternatives in 2019
ACDSEE PhotoStudio 2019_Adobe lightroom alternatives

Including all the necessary functionality and a full range of tools for professional photo editing and photo management, ACDSEE PhotoStudio is another powerful tool comparable to Lightroom.

Here are some highlight features:

  • Effective photo management tool: Having a thousand of photos each year, it would be a bit tricky to find the one you want. However, with the amazing photo management funtion of ACDSEE PhotoStudio, you can easily to find the photos by looking at the small thumbnails of all of your images in chronological order. Similar to snigle image view in Lightroom, View mode allows you to view a single image in full-screen mode but it edges the competition by employing impressive speed.
  • Face regconition: This is the new-launched feature of ACDSEE PhotoStudio. It helps to organize and find photos of specific people a lot easier by indentifying faces.
  • Auto Advance: This feature allows you automatically move to the next image when you’ve completed the info for the current image withou clickinh between thumbnails.

ACDSEE PhotoStudio 2019 offers annual updated, then there will be lots of advanced features added. It also offers trial for users who want to experience it before starting purchasing.

Cost – $99.99
Platforms – Windows

3. Irfan View

Top 10 best Lightroom Alternatives in 2019
IrfanView_alternatives to adobe lightroom

Irfan View is a great option in Lightroom Alternatives list. It combines powerful image editing system with excellent organization features. Appearing as a free tool, Irfan View is considered one of the best free option for cataloging your images and editing metadata.

Highlight features:

  • Slideshow option: This feature allows you to view your photos in form of slideshow and you can save your show as .exe or .scr, which will preserve all your settings.
  • Batch processing tool: Irfan View allows you to add tags, edit metadata, rename and make changes in batches helping you save a lot of time
  • Raw image processing tools: This is wonderful feature which allows users to to adjust colors and tonality for individual images and then transfer images directly to a new photo editing platform such as GIMP.

Further more. Irfan View has regular update and even a lively community of forum users that are happy to offer any assistance.

Cost – Free
Platforms – Windows

4. PhotoDirector 10

Top 10 best Lightroom Alternatives in 2019
PhotoDirector 10_lightroom replacement

Looking for image processing tool which meets your specific style, PhotoDirector 10 is what you should go for.

Highlight features:

  • Available presets and filters:  PhotoDirector 10 offers a wide range of presets and filters from split tone, HDR or black and white… helping to turn your photos into masterpiece.
  • AI style packs:  AI Style Transfer belongs to Photo Effect option offers you a painting-like effect
  • Batch processing tool: This feature allows you to apply the same edit to multiple photos at once helping decrease editing time significantly.
  • Library tabs: PhotoDirectiors 10’s library lets users to import photos individually, by folder, or directly from your camera and then organize them into categories. And then you can easily find your photos by using tags, facial recognition function…

PhotoDirector 10 offers all the features for standard edits as well as intuitive interface. Thus, it is quite suitable for those who are new to photo editing.

Cost – Free
Platforms – Windows

5. ON1 Photo RAW 2019.5

Top 10 best Lightroom Alternatives in 2019
ON1 Photo RAW 2019.5_lightroom competitors

Being the latest edition of ON1, ON1 Photo RAW 2019.5 is the most ultimate photo organizer and photo editor in ON1 family. Combining most the used features from Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, , ON1 Photo RAW 2019.5 makes it an all-new photo editing experience

Highlight features:

  • Layers: ON1 Photo Raw 2019.5 offers multiple layers for the image which is extremely helpful in processing HDR photos. Instead of using the combination of Lightroom and Photoshop to achieve the HDR results, now you can you can simply get it in only one program.
  • New interface: It offers a fresh and modern interface with less-spacious sliders which make it easier to see and navigate.
  • Focal Stacking: This feature is mostly used by photographers who are keen on shooting macro, landscape or product. It allows you to layer images with different focal points to achieve a narrow focal length.

ON1 Photo RAW 2019.5 seems to be one of the best Lightroom Alternatives when it no only contains all features which Lightroom has, it is also added some other features taken from graphics software such as Photoshop.

Cost – $79.99 for upgrade, $99.99 for full version
Platforms – Windows / MAC

6. DxO PhotoLab

Top 10 best Lightroom Alternatives in 2019
DxO PhotoLab_Alternative lightroom

DxO PhotoLab which offers professional image editing quality with impressive featurs of lightroom, is one of the best photo editing apps on the market. Although lacking asset management abilities, DxO PhotoLab works well with Adobe Bridge or the Apple’s Photos editing application.

Highlight Features:

  • Denoise tool: Which helps to reduce background noise but still keep the original quality.
  • ClearView tool: which helps to automatically remove haze and smog from landscape photos
  • Auto-correct:  Several corrections such as barrel distortion and chromatic aberration, noise and haze reduction… are automatically applied once you open your images. Then you can compare them with origional version by using Compare button

DxO PhotoLab has a drawback which is that it does not offer local adjustments for the images and a limitation for raw image support (around 250 photos).

Cost – $99.00 for essential edition / $159.00 for elite edition
Platforms – Windows / MAC

7. Affinity Photo

Top 10 best Lightroom Alternatives in 2019
Affinity Photo_Alternative to lightroom

Affinity Photo is considered to be the best Lightroom Alternative regarding to pricing.  Regarding photo editing, Affinity Photo offers all basic features like other tools and plus some advanced features like a cloning stamp, batch processing, font effects and lens distortion correction.

Highlight features:

  • Layers: Affinity Photo allows users to create mask layers, rearrange layers and choose between vector or raster layers.
  • Assistant button: Appearing as a tuxedo icon at the top of the interface, Assistant button allows you to create presets for specific tools.
  • File format: being compatible with a wide range of files such as RAW, JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PSD and PDF files, Affinity Photos allows you to process the images in mutiple file formats and save your work in your expected files. Moreover, Affinity Photo offers you the chance to optimize the photos before uploading to website by letting you manually adjust the size and compression of your photos.

Although Affinity Photo lacks some features such as built-in organizing systems, online galleries… at this pricing, Affinity is a great Lightroom alternative for hobbyists or professionals.

Cost – $48.99 for Affinity Photo for desktop computers
Platforms – Windows / MAC / iPad

8. RawTherapee

Top 10 best Lightroom Alternatives in 2019
RawTherapee_free lightroom alternative

First released in 2003, RawTherapee is a high end and open source editing tool that deserves to be one of Lightroom alternatives.

Highlight features:

  • Processing Power: RawTherapee applies multi-threaded algorithms to fully utilize the capabilities of modern processors.
  • Color collection: RawTherapee is equipped with impressive color correction toolkit: brushes, customizable curves, noise reduction, and many sliders that softly regulate exposure, shadows, brightness, white balance, etcwhich makes it become excellent RAW converter.
  • Batch processing tool: by using this tool, you can edit multiples photos in just a few clicks

Being free and offering full basic image processing techniques, however, RawTherapee still lacks some functions such as library, image sorting, …

Cost – Free
Platforms – Windows / MAC / Linux

9. Dark table

Like RawTherapee, Dark table is also a free and open source Lightroom Alternatives. Moreover, it is considered as the copy of Lightroom but in free version, especially the layout and the controls.

Highlight Features:

  • RAW file processing:  It supports RAW files from over 400 different cameras.
  • Exporting possibilities:  Exporting images straight to Facebook and Flickr, or send them directly in an email is very easy with Dark table
  • Automatical repetitive task: this feature can significantly speed up your editing process

Due to its free of charge, it lacks some features, howvever, it is still a very impressive piece of software for photographers looking to develop their RAW files.

Cost – Free
Platforms – Windows / MAC / Ubuntu / Solaris

10. Captue One

Top 10 best Lightroom Alternatives in 2019
Capture One_Lightroom Alternatives in 2019

Specializing in high-end digital photography software. Capture One provides users with professional image processing level for outstandinng result

Highlight features:

  • Customisable workplace: Capture One offers a workplace which can be easily customized. Users can hide tools, viewer, thumbnails and icons or even move and resize them
  • Annotation function: you can easily save your notes for use later with this function
  • Unique color: Capture One uses unique color of the brand and the camera model, thus it helps to save time to find the right color of your cameras’ images.

Offering many outstanding features which others don’t, Capture One is really worth your penny. However, for the first time of using it, it may take you some time to lear how to use.

Cost – $299 one-off, or $20 per month subscription
Platforms – Windows / MAC


Listed here are top 10 best Lightroom Alternatives in 2020. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, all of them are designed to offer you the best support regarding photo editing. Hopefully this article can help you find the most suitable one with your need and your purpose.