Tips to Create a Photography Portfolio Website?

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Tips to Create a Photography Portfolio Website?

To start a photography business, it is not hard. With a camera combined with your passion, you can build your own photography business. However, the thing is how you can get access to your potential clients who will hire you to do their projects. Gone are the day when you have to wander around with oversized folders crammed full of your latest and best work. Now, you can put them all online and create your own photography portfolio, then easily show it to your clients with a click of mouse.

Many people choose social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram ,… or free photo sharing websites such as Flirck, 500 px or pinterest,… to create their portfolio. It is not something wrong. Yes, you can totally do it. However, it can make you less professional than creating a photography portforlio website.

Why a Photographer Needs a Portfolio Website?

You might think why you need a portfolio website while other social platforms or free photo sharing websites also can do it well. So take a look at the following reasons to understand why.

#1. Trustable

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, … are among popular social networks to share your photos as your portfolio. Your photos uploaded there can be seen by your friends or anyone using those platforms. However, using those social sites is not enough to gain the trust from potential clients. An official portfolio website is the crucial deciding factor of your potential buyers.

#2. Flexible

Social platforms have their default forms to upload the photos and you can not customize them the way you like. However, with a webpage, you can easily choose the theme or design you can, then customize them the way you want your photos shown up. It is much easier and you can freely present your creative and unique portfolio.

Some Tips for Creating a Successful Portfolio Website

#1. Showcase only your best work

The purpose of using online portfolio website is to showcase your beautiful work. It is not the place where you can put all of your work in. So be careful with your selection. You also can design the layout of the website to present a well-oriented, adequately structured portfolio, to impress your audience. The creative layout with appealing photos can make your portfolio outstanding from others.

#2. Choose a minimal, clean portfolio website template

Tips to Create a Photography Portfolio Website?

Minimalism has been becoming a trend recently. It makes everything look very neat, clean and focus. Your portfolio should go like this. Don’t let the background of your portfolio be a distraction due to colorful theme, loud music with tacky animations. Make your backgroung light/white or black/dark depending on the style you want. It will help your beautiful photos to be standout and impresive!

#3. Make your portfolio website mobile-friendly

A report showed that traffic from mobile devices reached 56 percent of all internet usage. Most people are nowadays switching to mobile phone to get access to internet. That is why optimizing your website to make it mobile-friendly is crucial if you don’t want to loose half of your potential clients.

#4. Include an About Me page and contact page

About Me page is the place to introduce more about yourself. You can add as more detail about you as possible: your education, work experience, recognition, clients you have worked with and other relevant details. By doing this, you will gain trust from the visitors and somehow convince them to use your service.

And don’t forget to add contact info in the contact page. That will be the place your visitor can directly contact you to get more information

#5. Add a blog to your portfolio website

Make your portfolio website diverse by adding a blog to it is not a bad idea. Blog will be the place you write everything you want related to your life and projects. You can share stories or experiences of you when you create the masterpieces, tips and trick to do your works. Your blog will become more informative and potential clients can have better look about you.

There are a lot of interesting tip on the internet. You can easily find it. Here are just a few of them. And we hope that this article will give you with useful advice!