Tips for Perfect Real Estate Photography Lighting

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Lighting is one of the most important factors for high-level interior photos. If you are still struggling with lighting, follow this article to learn some amazing tips to create magazine quality images .

Tips for Perfect Real Estate Photography Lighting

#1. Master Natural Lighting

The more natural lighting, the more realistic the photos are. However, more natural lighting can create harsh shadow too. So here are some tips to shoot with natural lighting:

  • Right moment: Midday can be a good moment to shoot interior. However, it also depends on the direction of the house. Some properties get the most light in the morning or afternoon. Avoid to shoot at sunset when the color of light can change very quickly
  • Curtain/Blind: All the curtain/blinds should be open to let the light in the room as much as possible. If the light is too harsh, you can use a net curtain to reduce the contrast from the windows.
  • Other light sources: Only have one light source in the room will help to avoid color cast. So you should turn off all the lights in the room and use only natural light.

#2. Bounced Flash

Shooting with a bounced flash is the perfect way to get rid of strong shadow caused by natural light. Flash shot will help a lot in the post-processing step.

When using bounced flash, you should not point it forward because it can produce strong shadow. Put it on the camera and tilt the bulb toward the ceiling to avoid the shadow.

#3.  Shoot HDR But Keep The Natural Look

Tips for Perfect Real Estate Photography Lighting

As a real estate photo editor, you may hear about shooting HDR. The photos will be shot in brackets with different light ranges, then you use photoshop to blend them together. By doing that, you can take all the details both inside and outside of the view. However, if you are not specializing in HDR editing, it can be a bit hard to create a natural look for the photo.

If it is the case, you no need to worry. You can seek help from a professional photo editing service with a very affordable price.

#4. Avoid Mixed Lightings

As mentioned before, different light sources such as natural light, flash light, light fixtures in the room can cause color cast which can be a trouble in post-processing. Therefore, to avoid it, you should turn off all the lights if it is not necessary. For the flash, if its light does not match with the light fixtures or natural light, you can consider using gel filters to match the colour temperature.

#5. Use Same Lighting For Consistent Result

To have consistent photos, it is suggested that you should use the same lighting method for all the rooms. If you shoot with natural lighting, you should try to do it with all rooms. You should not shoot one with natural lighting, one with flash and one with a light fixture turned on. It will make it your gallery look inconsistent and unpleasing.

Therefore, to make sure which light source you will use, you should take a tour around your house and decide whether which one is the best.

Here are the simple but useful tips for shooting with lights in real estate photography. Hope you can practise it and produce the best photos ever.