The Unskippable Tip To Elevate Your Drone Photography

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Drones have evoluted photography. The development of drones makes it easy for photographers to capture perspectives, which ground photos can’t shoot. As one of the most effective marketing tools since 2018,  Drone photography continues to become the favorite trend in 2021.

Drone photography still requires you to be equipped with essential photography techniques such as taking still photos. However, it still requires specific techniques, which can’t be skipped if you want to capture Wow photos.

Let’s discover the most essential tips for drone photography!

The Most Important Tips For Drone Photography

  • Honing The Drone Skill

Practicing photography is the most effective way to elevate your drone photography. Especially if you are a newbie, only by getting acquainted with drone modes and figuring out the location to fly as well as experiencing the height, you can successfully take amazing photos.

Scouting for the location to fly is getting easier with the supportion of Google Earth, where you can examine the landscape easily.  More importantly. you can note down the altitude that you can use for the real turn of capture.

Now, the app PhotoPills is so amazing for you to get an accurate field of view. It is easier for you to refer to how your aerial photo looks. It also saves information about the location by using a pin on the map. By doing that way, every piece of information about the location is already available for your shooting.


  • Composition & Experience With The Height

The stunning drone photos imply the “Wow” factors, which highly come from the intended composition you can capture. In drone photography, the height is restricted. However, it isn’t also meant that the higher altitude the drone can fly, the nicer shot you can capture. At the higher altitude, you can include a lot of details into the frame. However, it easily results in a messy photo. So, let’s focus on 3 important factors: Lines, Patterns, geometry.

The line leads our eyes from foreground to background. For example, the river can act as an important leading line into the mountain and objects within the landscape. Place the objects at the intersections of the thirds and use the lines to lead the eye into and around the image.

Aerial photos also make us surprised about how stunning the landscape is! Drone photography discovers the pattern, which naturally arranges to create an amazing shape.

Like the pattern, geometric shapes spice up your drone photography. They make us float in the imagination

Drone Photography

  • Lighting 

In drone photography, photographers always make an effort to think out of the box and capture abnormalities to wow viewers. Besides composition, lighting always plays an important role. Have you ever tried to discover the city by night with an amazing combination of light effects from residential buildings and skyscrapers? If not, let’s try it!

Two amazing moments for us are a golden hour and a blue hour. At golden hour, when the sun begins to shine and ends its journey across the horizon. It is the time when you can capture the yellow-tinted lights. At a blue hour, you can create vibrant photos, where blue hues take over the sky before sunrise in the morning and after sunset in the evening.

drone photography

  • Use Proper Settings

Although the photos taken by the built-in camera on drones can’t be as incredible as the ones of DSLR. Using the proper settings still allows you to create glorious photos.

Obviously, ISO at 100 is advisable to reduce noise in photography. Best noise reduction software can still assist you in post-production.

Next, adjust the aperture to f/4-f/5.6. While some normal drones don’t allow you to do that, the best drone for real estate like DJI Mavic 2 and Phantom 4 can do.

Additionally, you can test different filters available in drones like DJI to create breathtaking photos.

  • Editing Steps In Drone Photography

Step 1: Crop The Shot

Let’s use the rule of the third to lead the viewers to the focus points along the horizontal/ vertical lines or the intersection.

Step 2: Using The Healing Brush

Using the healing brush to eliminate objects distracting the viewers

Step 3: Creating Harmonizing Level 

To get the prominent photo, it requires you to take one more step of making balance between the shadow and brightness. Also, let use saturation wisely to finally create the vibe

Step 4: Sharpening Up

Sharpening up is the final step to enhance every detail. To do that, zoom in 400%, but just because it’s a tiny change doesn’t mean it’s not an important one.

Final Thought 

Creating an incredible drone photo surely takes a lot of time and effort. The final step of editing can’t be skipped. However, it takes a lot of time. The busy shooting also makes you not unable to have time for editing. Outsourcing photo editing companies like BeatColorReal Estate Photo Editing Company is the gold address for you to have the perfect edited photos.