Staging A Closet

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It will be quite surprising to anyone who now knows that the closet stays on the home buyers wish list. On the top ten wish lists for 2022, staging a closet is situated the fifth. It is crucial to entice prospective buyers about a well-maintained house and move-in-ready.

Storage space can make or break the deal in selling property. Especially staging a closet for house sales becomes a compulsory part of home staging in big luxury properties.

In this informative post, we introduce the essential elements of closet staging. These handy tips are highly practical for you to turn into a well-organized yet inviting closet.


Tips For Staging A Closet For House Sale

#1. Get Started With Decluttering

It is unrefutable that in recent decades, we have more stuff than we need. The closet is cramped with clothes, shoes, bags, linens, and outdoor equipment. Over time, we do not have more space to continue putting more stuff into it. If you are in the same situation, it is time to declutter the closet.

Follow our recommendations to make your closet more pleasing to the eyes of every buyer!

First, let’s prepare five boxes and label them. You can name a box like use, repair, donate, pass and throw away. Then, sort out your clothes, shoes, and all personal items.

Don’t hesitate to toss away any favorite clothes, pants, dresses, etc., which are outdated and rarely worn. Take advantage of the time you sort out the closet to wipe down dust and vacuum your wardrobe. It would be best if you could do a thorough closet sweep once a season. It also had better clean them once again before you put them back into the wardrobe.


#2. Organize Your Stuffs

A well-staged closet can make the difference between a sale and a miss.

Neat and organized closets are vital to show prospective buyers that your storage is spacious enough to hold their belongings.

Organize Clothes

  • Organize clothes by theme or occasion.  For instance: casual clothes, formal wear, event, and party dress.
  • Organize clothes by color and style.
  • Fold unfriendly clothes, sweaters, workout items, pajamas, t-shirts, and swimsuits.
  • Applying spaces-saving techniques for clothes such as rolling and rotating seasonal wears out from the main primary bedroom’s closet. Consider using a vacuum bag and hanging storage to have more space for keeping clothes.

Organize Accessories

  • Use acrylic dividers to preserve purse shape and display your collections like a bag showroom display.
  • Utilize jewelry stacking trays and put them into a drawer to display.
  • Place shoes on shelves or in drop-front shoe boxes.
  • Roll belts, socks, and ties.
  • Place hats on shelves.

#3. Closet Staging Ideas

  • Keep the closet airy and spacious by displaying only seasonal items, frequently cataloging clothes like Use, Donate, Toss Away, and storing them in other cabinets.
  • Make sure all the hangers match.
  • Make the floor clean and empty. Let’s put everything in the boxes and put them on the shelves. Or else arrange them neatly on the shelves.
  • Install lights to illuminate dark corners.



The post on “Staging a closet” hopefully gives you a whole idea about staging a closet for a house sale. Such useful tips come in handy for staging a master closet or staging a walk-in closet and staging an empty closet.

From our point of view, rotated tidying up, rearranging closets, and keeping useful clothes are the most important to making neatly organized closets.

Thank you for reading!

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