Best Camera Setting For Real Estate Agents

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A study conducted by VHT Studio showed that homes with professional real estate photos sell 32% faster and spend less time on the market than other listings. Understand that, many real estate agents invest thousands dollars on hiring professional photographers. However, theseday, with the develop of technology, real estate agents can find it easy to learn some tips and tricks about how to shoot perfect real estate photos on the internet, which helps them save ton of dollars.

In this article, we are going to show you the best real estate photograpy camera settings and techniques you need to capture the stunning photos.


Before talking about the techniques, we need start with gear preparation. Listed here are the basic tools you should have to produce the best photographs:

  • Camera: You don’t need to equip yourself with most expensive camera to achieve the great shots. Just need to prepare a medium Digital SLR full frame or cropped sensor camera with exemplary performance and typical features from recent camera models.
  • Wide angle lense: When it comes to real estate photography, it means you want to shoot a range of subjects. Thus, wide-angle len is essential because it allows you to capture a whole space and the whole room even when it is a tight space. 16-17mm lens (full-frame body) or 12-15mm lens (cropped sensor body) are suggested for interior and 24-70 mm lense are recommended for exterior shots.
  • Tripod: Sturdy tripod is another gear you should have in your bag. It is used to stablize your camera and take multiple exposures of the same frame. Especially, tripod is very helpful for taking night shots which require long exposures
  • External Flash: Flash is an optional choice. If you want to show the house in the true color or highlight the dark space in the room. You should mount an external flash with your camera.

These are 4 essential tools which most real estate photographers should have. Now, you know which equipment you need, it is time to start learning about the techniques how to use them.

Best Camera Setting For Real Estate Agents
Camera Setting For Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Photography camera setting

With the variety of camera settings, understanding how to use them correctly and how to apply it for each type of photography is very important. And to get started with real estate photography, let’s start with some basic settings which all photographers need to use to have great photos.

  • ISO or film speed– 100 ISO is suggested to get the sharpest and clearest images.
  • Medium/high photo size, JPEG setting (not RAW)– This offers you a medium size of images but contain all details you need.
  • Aperture around F7.1-11– Using wide angle lense with this mid-range apertunes will help you capture the clearest photos.
  • Focus – just need to focuson the subject once, then you can turn your focus off on your DSLR lens in between photos. By doing that your camera won’t try to re-focus between shots, and as a result, no movement between images appearing. This step is very important because it involves to post-processing step. So keep the focus level on all the photos the same for premium results.
  • Don’t shoot wider than 12mm– 12mm on cropped sensor bodies or approximately 16-18mm on full frame cameras is suitable for showing stunning but realistic real estate photos. You only need it wider when shooting in a tight place.
  • Use the self-timer– when shooting, remember to turn on the self-timer around 2-4 seconds to begin the bracketing sequence and around 1 to 2 seconds to set between your bracketed shots
  • HDR setting or Manual mode– Using your cameras HDR setting or Manual Mode, when shooting property photos is best recommended. Shooting HDR with around 3 – 5 bracketed images will give you the best final photos after blending
  • Make use of your Tripod: HDR photography is best used for still subjects. Thus, why shooting bracketed shot, try to make sure there is no moving subject in your frame and stablize your camera with a tripod.
  • Flash– Using an external flash to help get the light better for your shot. You also can use a plastic flash diffusion dome and flash wide panel as well.
  • Additional batteries– Having an additional battery is essential, especially you shoot far from home.

Having your camera set, now your job is taken the photos from the good angle. Here are the examples:

Best Camera Setting For Real Estate Agents
HDR shot_Camera Setting For Real Estate Agents
Best Camera Setting For Real Estate Agents
5 Bracketed images_Camera Setting For Real Estate Agents

Shooting HDR with 3 -5 exposured, the blending them in the Photoshop will offer you the best result.

Shooting HDR with many bracketed images, you need to know how to bracket the images. If you have no idea about it, you can have someone help you. Here are some photo editing services which offer real estate photo editing service at high quality and affordable price:

Hope you can find the best one for you as well as find the best camera setting for your real estate photos.