14 Leading Intelligent Tools For Your Real Estate Agent

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Technology has changed the way we work in all professional areas. There is also no exception for the industry of real estate. There are hundreds of helpful real estate tools available to support and boost your business. 

Today we will list the most outstanding real estate agent tools on the market, and hope those will be helpful to you.

1. Amitree Folio

13 Leading Intelligent Tools For Your Real Estate Agent
Amitree_Essential tools for real estate agents

This is a powerful Google Chrome extension to organize everything you are dealing with, ranging from emails to transaction timelines. You want to work on a well-managed workplace without changes in the existing platform and tons of additional software. It is perfect to you. More importantly, this tool is entirely free, so let’s get a try.

2. kvCORE

13 Leading Intelligent Tools For Your Real Estate Agent
kvCORE_Real estate technology tools

This tool for CRM real estate agent works based on cloud background. It will help you in planning, lead and distribution management. Considered as one of the best real estate listing software, kvCORE creates leads from multiple sources like squeeze, landing pages, and listing videos… Also, it can make customizable web content with designer templates. 

To have high-quality analyses, this is also a good choice. The reporting services of kvCORE will present how well your agent perform in a clear and visible way. From that, it can show you revenue forecasts.

3. Boomtown

13 Leading Intelligent Tools For Your Real Estate Agent
Boomtown_best tools for realtors

Besides the function of creating leads, Boomtown comes out with other outstanding features such as contact and business management. Plus, it is possible for you to track the progress in to-do lists, reminders, and advanced analysis services as well.

If you are not willing to spend hours getting to know video tutorials, Boontown is designed for you to easy to use.

4. LeadPages

13 Leading Intelligent Tools For Your Real Estate Agent
LeadPages_Real estate broker tools

This will provide you, especially small companies with an amazing tool to create popups, connect with the audience and collect leads and landing pages which help with developed and collecting emails. With 126 designer templates and 136 drag-and-drop template variants, LeadPages is the great place with unique design.

The popups of this app can generate and locate the timed items in the best environment. It is also optimized for mobile, so it is suitable for all devices.

5. Evernote

13 Leading Intelligent Tools For Your Real Estate Agent
Evernote_Real estate tools for realtors

This is a new age data storage that can help you store everything you need. Also, sharing information with business contacts or clients is no longer problem with its multiple access levels. This is safe because without permission, no one can edit your notes. You can save a lot of time for searching through the PDF agreement with the help of PDF-search. It is possible that you can figure out a needed phrase in a scanned image.

6. Trello

13 Leading Intelligent Tools For Your Real Estate Agent
Trello_Real estate broker tools

It is a project management tool. In spite of not being designed for real estate agent, this tool will help you with tons of personal projects and monitor such as adding files, setting deadlines, communicating with your clients, and assigning tasks to your team members. Trello is extremely easy to use and has an eye-catching interface.

7. Todoist

13 Leading Intelligent Tools For Your Real Estate Agent
Todoist_Real estate technology tools

This is one of the most popular tool thanks to its easy interface and simple language recognition technology. You don’t need to click on a lot of icons to make a schedule for the recurrent tasks. Instead, with just one simple sentence, this tool will realize the repeat in text and ask you.

You can choose to use this tool for free, but with a premium package (less than $4/month), you will have its full services such as customizing n interface, creating templates, setting up automatic reminders, or visualizing the performance.

8. Contactually

13 Leading Intelligent Tools For Your Real Estate Agent
Contactually_Essential tools for real estate agents

Your company is still small or you are working for yourself, but you are overloaded by the large data of customers and you can’t handle it. You might need this tool to support for your communication with your client, improving your customer service. This tool provides you with a lot of appliances like contacting import from any source, merging account and creating templates. Especially, its interface is well-organized and easy to use. 

You will have much more with its advanced version, like segmentation tools, business reviews, and bulk messaging.

9. Mortgage Calculator

13 Leading Intelligent Tools For Your Real Estate Agent
Mortgage Calculator_real estate tools

This tool is the best choice for brokers to save them a lot of time and reduce stress. With this app, forget all things like formulas in Excel that you have to spend months to learn, and a small mistake can lead to an enormous fails. Now, it have changed with just a few second to calculate mortgage and then send it to your clients.

Furthermore, this is a helpful tool to communicate effectively with your clients as well.

10. Boomerang

13 Leading Intelligent Tools For Your Real Estate Agent
Boomerang_Real estate agent tools

Among essential tools for real estate agents, it works as an email control system. Like a tool for you written communication, Boomerang helps you answer emails in time by reminding the emails that are not answered yet, and snooze useless notifications. It’s free of charge!

11. Campaign Monitor

13 Leading Intelligent Tools For Your Real Estate Agent
Campaign Mornitor

Combining with Boomerang, Campaign Monitor will optimize the email marketing channel. This creative director is a must-try real estate agent tool that will save you time from thinking how to answer each client individually. It is able to create personalized emails or short messages, then choose right email for each person.

Plus, one of the other features of Campaign Monitor is to show you how well your campaign is performing by counting all actions on the content you offer.

12. Canva

13 Leading Intelligent Tools For Your Real Estate Agent
Canva_best tools for real estate agents

Have you ever thought of using banners on social media to boost your marketing strategy? If yes, this tool is for you. It is designed with tons of images and styles and over 20 ready-to-work templates for real estate agents generating eye-catching banners. You should consider Canve among variety of realtor tools if you are preparing to push your business.

13. Zurple

13 Leading Intelligent Tools For Your Real Estate Agent

With this tool, your real estate industry will not have to worry about advertising management, lead generation sites, and CRM system integration. It is able to send personalized mass email and import leads automatically because it work in combination with Trulia and Zillow. Yet, there is a minus point of this tool is the restriction of email and website customization.

14. Adobe Lightroom

Real Estate Photos play an important part in selling house. And having a photo editing software in hand is what real estate agents should not miss. Adobe Lightroom is one of the best powerful photo editing software which can turn normal property photos into perfect ones with nice color, good contrast and convey the true feeling of the house. If you do not want to use Lightroom for real estate editing process, check out Lightroom alternatives 

Listed here are 14 best tools which real estate agents will need if they want their work to be easier and more effective. If you have any other recommendations or questions, dont hesitate to leave your comment.