10 Amazing Tips For Real Estate Photography

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When it comes to sell home online, real estate photographs become an indispensable part. The better real estate photos are; the more clients are. However, to have a professional real estate photo, it is not easy. If you are looking for the tips to enhance your photos, here are top 10 amazing tips for real estate photography.

#1: Switch off fan

Shooting when the fan in in motion can make your photos imperfect.

10 Amazing Tips For Real Estate Photography
Still Ceiling Fan_Tips For Real Estate Photography

Consider to turn it of to have better shot without distraction

#2: Window view

If the window view is nice, then you can keep it. However, what if the window view is the view of your neighbors and it is not appealing. Shouldn’t let it in your photos.

10 Amazing Tips For Real Estate Photography
Window blinds

Pulling blind down to cover those undesired stuffs.

#3: No need to show the asphalt

10 Amazing Tips For Real Estate Photography
Crop Asphalt road

Do you want the asphalt road to ruin your money photos? Of course not. Your money photos need to be perfect and impressive. So you can avoid to include asphalt road in your photos by crop it out or take a step closer to focus more on the house.

#4: Open the curtain

Curtain can be used as a decoration, however, when showing your home to your clients, you should open it to let the light in and show the outdoor view.

10 Amazing Tips For Real Estate Photography
Open Curtain for beautiful view

It will look much better with an opened curtain

#5: Using hand trick

A lens glare can be created in your images when you shoot in direct sunlight. Many photographers uses his hand to cover the sun to avoid the glare. It is very helpful

10 Amazing Tips For Real Estate Photography
Hand tips

However, be careful to not cover too much detail, if no it will take you hours for post-production

#6: Get a tripod

Shooting with natural light can be a bit tricky. However, with the help of a tripod, your photos will be showed in best light without blur.

#7: Use flash

Flash is another tool which you cant miss. Flash shot is really helpful in post production part. It will help you show the true color of the home, especially the interior shots

#8: Weather awareness

The weather is really a matter. Rainny or cloudy can make the photos look dull. Check the weather before booking the shooting schedule will not a bad idea.

10 Amazing Tips For Real Estate Photography
Bad weather

In case you can not manage another day to shoot. No worries, you can fix it in editing step.

10 Amazing Tips For Real Estate Photography
Fixed in Photoshop

#9: Use wide-angle lens

10 Amazing Tips For Real Estate Photography
Wide-angle lense

Wide-angle lens will help to make the room look more spacious and create the depth for the photo. Therefore, when shooting home for selling, you should consider having a wide-angle lens in order to show the home in the best view

#10: Make use of post processing

It is not easy to have a perfect shoot with only one try. Even you are the most professional photographer, your photos still may have spot. It can be because of external factors such as weather. However, by making use editing step, all will be solved. Although it takes time, the result will satisfy you.

Listed here are 10 simple but effective tips for real estate photography. Hope it will be helpful for some of you.